Running SketchUp 2016 32 bit on Surface Pro 7 (ARM)

A customer bought a Surface Pro 7 for use on a long trip, and also bought a Pro subscription. Some amount of normal support emails later I did a screens share to try to figure out why SketchUp shortcuts were not on the desktop, and why opening SketchUp did nothing.

I realized it was one of the ARM 64 processors, that as I understand it do not run 64 bit Windows applications, which rules out using SketchUp 2017 or later. The web version does work, but part of the need for using SketchUp is to use match photo, to create geometry from a drawing or photo.

Next thing I tried was to install SketchUp 2016 32 bit. That too gave no desktop shortcut, and would do nothing if directly opened. My guess is that the system is in S Mode, which is where only apps downloaded from the Windows Store are allowed to run.

On a normal PC you can take Windows 10 out of S Mode, but the Windows 10 on this machine seems like a trimmed down version.

So, do any of you Windows experts know if it’s possible to take a Surface Pro 7 ARM 64 computer out of S Mode, and if so, should it then run SketchUp 2016 32 bit ok?

The user is in a different country for now, so going back to the PC reseller and complaining about being sold a computer that cannot run regular Windows 64 bit applications isn’t an option.

From a review of the new ARM Surface Pro X

I quote

So, the author says it should … but I’d guess it’s not a guarantee. And perhaps the older ARM Surface Pro 7s have an older emulator ?

I’ve never had a Surface (Pro) so I don’t know if it can be switched out of S mode. Perhaps a call to MS support ?

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