My new Sketchup Pro 2016 crashes within minutes every time I use it. Help!

I have a 64-bit processor and the 64-bit version of Sketchup Pro 2016. The suggestion from Bugsplat is to download a 32-bit version. Would this even work if my processor is 64-bit?

Yes a 32 bit version will run on a 64 bit machine but not the other way around.
It’s often the case when the graphic card isn’t perfect for the job.

Thanks for the help!

I use Sketchup Pro 2016 in Windows 10 64 bit. Have 16 gigs of system memory and 1 gig of dedicated graphics memory in a NVidia GeForce 405 with new drivers, as well as ample disk drive space. Have had to remove the installed Sketchup Pro 64 bit about three times. Each to correct some issue (didn’t take notes) however… The last time I not just used the regular control panel uninstall, but also removed references in all relevant disk directories (i.e.: Program Files; AppData; and the Software sections of the registry hive (this last one must not be done if you don’t have onsite or clear instructions from someone in the know… an error will potentially damage your Windows system.

I now have a brand new install which works fine. Caveat: I don’t use any of my programs for business purposes, it’s all love of the art. So, go ahead and do what you think is best for you but know that Sketchup Pro 2016 (64 bit) does run on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit machine.

Best of luck, you will triumph.