SU on Surface Pro X

There are a few posts regarding running SU on a Surface Pro X but they don’t seem to come to a definitive resolution so I need some clarification. Preferably in a yes or no format with a brief explanation as to why.

Will I be able to load SU onto a Surface Pro X (Windows 10 Home) without complications and if so will I be limited to some versions of SU?

As always, thanks for your help and expert advice!

‘No’. Because those use an ARM processor, and there is no ARM version of SketchUp. In theory you could use SketchUp 2016 as 32 bit, they are able to emulate 32 bit x86, but then there is another problem if the computer is locked down and can only install apps from Microsoft’s store.

But, the web version will work, including SketchUp Shop.

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No. The device cannot run 64-bit applications based on the x64 architecture, being based on the ARM architecture processors. I would be sceptical about trying an old pre-v.2016 32-bit version of Sketchup on it.

Thanks for the quick reply gentlemen. Much appreciated.
I’m thinking of going with the Surface 2 instead.

Are you referring to the new Surface Book 2? Pricey but at least you can get a dedicated GPU.

Surface Pro X is something else, an ARM processor range. Not like the normal x86 Surface Pro.

I saw dcurtis later post about Surface 2, now I understand what you meant!

Yes, initially I was. But I’ve been looking at alternatives for the last hour and I’m getting confused on Microsoft’s product offerings. Surface Pro 7,Surface Pro 2, Surface Pro 3? Yikes… One thing I do know is it’s got to run SU!

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Well there are Surface “clones” out there :wink: Just not sure ANY have the power (graphics) that the Surface Book 2 has. Yes, the ability to run SU IS a must. Good luck.

Yes, lots to consider. Some of these product pages generate more questions than provide basic answers. I’ll eventually figure it out. I was just caught up in wanting a Surface Pro X. Great design and neglected the ARM thing. Speedy processor, low power, but runs next to nothing. What’s not to like? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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