Surface pro

Hi, I am using SketchUp pro for my job and would like to know if it is possible to utilize it on a Surface pro X . Thanks in advance for your help !

Surface pro X uses ARM-Processor and emulate the intel processor for 32bit programs only.
No way to run 64bit programs like sketchup.
It will be possible with the upcoming SQ2-Processor, then a 32 and 64bit Emulator for native intel windows software will be available- but its a emulation - will be slower as on a native intel system.

I’ve got a Surface Pro 7 and it runs SketchUp and LayOut with no issues. Not sure what @tengel07 is talking about. Surface Pro runs regular Windows, so all Windows software simply works.

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Surface pro 7 has a intel processor… the new surface pro x is running with a arm processor.

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As tengel07 says, it can currently emulate 32 bit apps, which would mean that the 32 bit version of SketchUp Make 2016 should work.

One other problem is that some of those machines come locked down to only be able to install apps from the Microsoft Store. If you use the Windows search option to look for ‘apps & features’ you will quickly get to the right control panel setting, to change that to Anywhere.

Wow that’s crazy. Didn’t know that.