Meta Quest Pro- can Sketchup be used?

I have been trying so hard to figure out how to take my models for home renovations and use it in AR with my ipad pro and it never seems to anchor to the true layout of the physical room. I am hoping the the meta quest pro will be compatible to sketchup and capable to do this. I’ve watched countless videos on trying to use the ipad pro for this and it never works. It gets almost close but never close enough to show a client properly. I believe that the microsoft Hololense is capable of this but the hololense costs $3,500 and idk how much for the software.
Any insight or references to read up on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Quest Pro should work as well as Quest 2 for VR work. But, for the passthrough feature to work would need some changes to the app. The HoloLens app might be transferable to Quest Pro, but I’m not sure if it is. I don’t know if the code can run on a Quest, or what other difficulties there might be.

The passthrough video is not as clear as the direct view you would get with HoloLens, but might be acceptable enough if you have saved $2000.

I have Quest Pro and have shown it to people at work, including the iPad app developers. Hopefully someone in charge at SketchUp will be interested in investigating what would be involved to either run the HoloLens software on Quest Pro, or to add the passthrough feature to the regular VR app.

Scale is an issue. By “renovations” I presume you mean large portions of the interiors/exteriors of houses. The HoloLens 1 (which I am familiar with) is capable of creating large spatial meshes but the larger the model, the worse the ‘fit’ (model slip, shift, ‘sun-fighting’ and parallax). It is also possible to create interiors covering numerous rooms on a couple stories of a house. But the HoloLens can lose tracking indoors as well. Narrowing down to room-sized models (which I’m guessing you’ve tried with the iPad) you may still get some of poor fit you seem to be wrestling with. The HoloLens 2 may be an improvement over the first version, but I would look to the Quest Pro (which is what I switched to).

The QP does not do AR like the SU Viewer for HoloLens (yet). But, the QP has passthrough video and controllers, both of which make it better (IMO) than the HoloLens. Also, for mixed reality development -at least with Microsoft MR- the main difference between VR and MR experiences is that the “Skybox” (basically the background) is set to black (which does not render on HoloLens) for AR. It seems reasonable to presume (if presumption is ever reasonable :slight_smile: that the SketchUp developers are aware that there is a huge possibility to jump into the QP space.

Another note: even if SU does not make an AR Viewer for QP that does not mean you can’t use SU Models with QP. You can do VR with it already. But other applications may be able to open/display your SU models in AR on the QP. QP is a bit of gamble… but not a bad bet.

Cost-wise you can use all of major headsets (HoloLens, QP) with the SU Studio subscription.