Merging cylinders

So I’m pretty new to the program, though I have made some 3D prints of simple items that are all rectangular. But now I’m working with cylinders and need help.

I want to join two half-cylinders at a 90 deg angle. So I drew a circle, divided it in half. Then copied it, rotate one 90 deg, then tilted both up vertical. Used push tool to extrude them to a corner, then grouped each separately.

But that’s where I’m stumped. How do I get these trimmed and joined to make a 90 deg corner?

What I am trying to make is a flat rectangular plate with this half-round lip along the edge.


Mike Conder

If you mean something like this, then you want to use the Follow Me tool.

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Almost. I am trying to make a lip on the face of the base rather than on the edge, with half-circular cross-section. So at the corners, the “half-cylinders” meet with a 45 deg intersection.

Many thanks for this regardless, haven’t gotten into the “follow me” tool yet. I will play with it and see if I can make a square cross-section lip and then do the same thing …

Draw an arc standing up on the plate and use Follow Me as was shown.

Done that, but I need this on all four sides and am having problems with the corners.

Think about half-round trim on all four sides of a plate, with the corners of the trim mitered at a 45 deg angle. That’s what I’m trying to make.

Like this?

Select all of the edges of the face of the plate and then run Follow Me.

It worked, thanks!

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