Slicing a cylinder to leave a pie-shaped segment of the cylinder

I am new to SketchUp and have created a cylindrical shape. How do I cut or slice it so I only have a 90 degree segment of the cylinder left?

Draw lines from the center of one end out to the edge and push away the waste with Push/Pull.

There’s also the Pie tool which would let you draw the quarter cylinder without having to get rid of the waste.

Thanks. Worked like a champ.

This thread reminds me of something I noticed a while back. If you push that waste all the way down, SU makes one of the outer corners normal and the other softened. That seems odd to me.



I see that too. Seems like a bug!

Interestingly you get that result when you hit a vertex, but a hard line on any other point, which suggests it’s reading the segment welds at the vertices.

It seems to be not that “simple”. I’ve got that soft+smooth line at one side in several occasions when push/pulling the cursor to ‘On Face’ or outside but planar to the bottom face, or on vertex or on edge or on arc segment. Sometimes however I manage get two hard edges in similar locations. And even two soft+smooth edges could be the result of the P/P operation. Had them many times. Might speed be cause of different results? I haven’t found out yet.

p.s. “speed” as in modeling speed, nothing else !