Cutting from side of cylinder


Apologies if what I’m asking isn’t exactly clear. I’d like to cut away from the side of a cylinder. Specifically the inside. For context, it’s a small groove I’d like to cut away for a locking mechanism to slide into.

I’d like something like this. The cut should not go all the way through the side of the cylinder:

I’ve been playing around with followme and push/pull for ages trying to get something to work but I can’t seem to get it.


I would think of two techniques:

  1. You can use the Push-Pull Tool to extrude a contour into (or out of) the cylinder.
    If the bottom of the cylinder’s wall is a planar face, you can draw the contour of the groove onto it (as you did in red, but more accurate) and then push-pull it inwards.

  2. You could also separately draw the groove as a volume body, group it and use SketchUp Pro’s Solid tools to do a boolean subtraction.


Thanks! I’ll try 1 first (the bottom of the cylinder is indeed a planar face) as it sounds simpler but take a look at 2 since it seems more elegant. Is there an easy way to follow the curve of the cylinder with a line? Unfortunately at the scale I’m working at (~8cm diameter cylinder) sketchup is rendering the cylinder more like a 16-gon, so I can’t tell if I’m actually making a curved line.


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