How to Create a Cylinder off of a parallelepiped

Salutations, everyone!

I’ve recently come across a problem which I seem to be unable to resolve. After creating a simple, normal object, designed the way I intend for it to be, I found myself unable to “bend” it in a way that allows for it to become a cylinder. I did try various methods, such as using the Shape Bender extension (which created a cylinder with very rough, not-smooth-at-all edges and which made it weigh two more grams - which is not what I wanted [I intend for it to become lighter]), and the FredoScale extension (which, while making the edges smooth and pleasant, it made some faces disappear, and some other faces were ‘blocked’, so to speak) - All images are available in the hyperlink down below.
Having that in consideration, I guess my main question is just: how do I turn this specific component (which has the exact dimensions I desire) into a cylinder and how do I do it in such a way that the geometry doesn’t get affected [too much]?

[Hyperlink that contains an album with pictures that reveal these problems]

I’d like to thank you for your cooperation, if supplied.

P.S. I apologize if there just so happens to be more questions like mine on the forum (which wouldn’t surprise me), but I’ve looked long enough, and was unable to have my situation solved.


add the .skp or the dimensions as there are other ways to do this using radial arrays and outer shell…

36 perforations would work better than 35 if it’s not critical…


The semicircle you used with shape bender needed to be smoother, it can only do what you tell it to do. Use more segments in the ‘curve’. Remember that SU uses multiple straight line segments to make curves.
Radial bend does tend to tear faces if they are too small to be flexible.
The better way to make the structure would be a radial array followed by a linear array.

For example


Wow, and just like that, my problem has been solved. I feel so embarrassed.

Thank you very, very much for the help, Box!
I’ll be working on my project and, if any more problematics arise, I’ll be sure to notify.

Respectfully, Fidalgo.

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