Creating a perforated cylinder

I am trying to create a perforated cylinder, with an Islamic geometrical pattern. The cylinder is only 10mm thick. I have trying to use the shape bender to create a semi-circle curve, the idea is to copy and rotate this to compete the cylinder. I geometry was created in AutoCAD, then imported into SketchUp, where I created the perforated sheet and gave it the 10mm thickness.

Does anyone have ideas how to do this. I have attached the SketchUp file.

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Perforated Cylinder.skp (3.3 MB)

You could do this with the free extension Truebend. Here I simply bend the cylinder in one go by typing in 360, you could type in any bend you like, then assemble it with copy rotate, or line up multiple flat panels first then bend them all together at once with truebend.



I would also use truebend, but if you want a solid I would be inclined to start with just one section, bend it 18 deg and array it 19 times. This will give you 20 solid components that you can use Outershell on to give you one single solid.
I suspect if you try to bend it all in one go, or even 180 it will not form a solid.

Something like this.


What I am seeing is this: when you select the whole flat perforated sheet, entity info shows 3 entities, namely 2 groups and a single solitary lone edge. So if you explode the whole thing, delete the single stray edge, and re-group it is all good. It is now solid and Truebend breezes through. The edge in question is a vertical line (113 mm long) close to the top and at the extreme right edge of the perforated sheet. You will see it afer exploding but before you re-group. But I really like the idea of breaking it up into smaller pieces as above.