Making perfect circles

I’m new to Sketchup and I’m trying to figure out how to make perfect circles for a piece I’m planning to send to a mill shop nearby. Is there a plugin available that lets you make perfect circles? I’ve been looking all over the place but so far I haven’t had any luck. Does Sketchup Make automatically convert the edged “circles” to perfect ones when you export the file? I know you can specify how many sides you need but I need my cylinders to be basically perfect so the piece I’m designing will fit properly. Please help!

SU’s roster of entities does not include a true curve (or circle or arc). Indeed, the only geometric entities are edges and faces, which are straight and flat respectively.

If you really need perfectly formed cylinders, you won’t get them from SU. If you’re talking about a snug fit or force fit of static elements, you can achieve that in SU. If you’re talking about a sliding fit between reciprocating or rotating dynamic elements, that’s going to be a problem.


Have read of this thread

The problem is that SketchUp can export “perfect” circles and arcs, but not perfect circular surfaces. Surfaces are always faceted. Surface accuracy can be increased to a point by adding more segments to the bounding edges, but not enough to make accurate machine parts.