Menu options: tutorial video vs my recent download of Sketchup

I’m new to SketchUp this week. I downloaded the software, and then started watching the youtube videos by Rob Cameron. The menus are different. My version is missing key options.
Do I need to buy the pro version to get all the functionality seen in the video?

a link to the video would be of assistance in answering…

there are differences between releases of SU, how people ‘set up’ the tools, and between mac/ PC platforms…

there are very few differences between Pro and Make, at the learning level…


There are two things to consider. First, as Rob states, his videos were made using SketchUp 7. Most of SketchUp’s GUI has remained the same since then, but various small things will have changed or been rearranged, new tools have been added, and old tools have been enhanced. The largest change you are likely to notice is that SketchUp 2016 uses a “tray” system to manage things that used to be launched via the Window menu. Also, the selection of toolbars you choose to view is highly customizable, so you won’t see quite what he shows unless you create the same arrangement.

Some more info about exactly what you are missing would be helpful. And, no, I don’t think he demonstrates anything that requires the Pro version.

And of course the 7 & 8 icons went away with SketchUp 2013 and higher.

Welcome to the forums! As others have mentioned, a link to the video(s) in question would be great. Very few features in SketchUp are pro-exclusive. If you are curious about the differences between make and pro, there is an excellent outline here.

If you have a question about a specific function or tool, please ask! these forums are meant to help you learn.

As others have also mentioned, icons can change from one version to another but the functions should more or less be the same. Can you give any specifics on the tool(s) you need help with?