Features don't look the same

all the tutorials i am watching have the features on the top of the screen and more options than what I have on the one i purchased for $120. Did i get the wrong version? (looking for sketchup for interior design.)

So for $120 I’d guess you bought a subscription to the web-based SketchUp Shop and the tutorials you are watching are for SketchUp Pro or at least a desktop version. Although the user interface is different, the tools work the same.

While you could probably do quite a lot of what you need in SketchUp Shop, I’m going to guess you’ll find yourself rather limited. I think you would find the added capabilities of SketchUp Pro more suitable to your needs. And you’d have the added benefit of the user interfaces being more alike.

Thank you - I am hoping that is what I need to do to solve this mystery of only having limited options.

Upgrading to Pro will make a big difference in the user interface. As for tutorial videos, also keep in mind that things will look a bit different when comparing Mac and PC versions.