Menu choices show on 2nd Monitor

In 2023, when I click on the a menu item for instance “Window” the menu shows up on my 2nd monitor. If I restart it now reappears on the main monitor displaying Sketchup. I apologize if this has been addressed. I could not find it in the forum

Try repairing the SketchUp installation by right clicking on the downloaded installer file, selecting Run as administrator and then the Repair option when it is presented. After that do a cold reboot of your computer.

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Thanks Dave,

Additionally, I cannot rename my default tray, It displays the changed tray name but always reverts back to the default tray. Maybe the repair will fix this too.


Instead of renaming the tray you should create a new one.

I see “run as admin” but not the repair option.


Are you right clicking on the downloaded installer file? After clicking on Run as administrator a window should pop up asking what you want to do. Uninstall will be one option. Repair will be another.

I do not know what you are referring to as the downloaded installer file or where to find it. Is that the name of the file?

It’s the file you downloaded to be able to install SketchUp 2023. It ought to still be in your Downloads folder. If it isn’t, go to Download All | SketchUp and get it again. Maybe best to do that anyway to ensure you have the latest version.

Got it. I will let you know. Also I will delete default tray and create a new tray.

Don’t delete the Default tray. Why are you creating a different tray if you’re only going to have one, anyway?

I have had 3 trays as long as I can remember. I have always been able to rename the trays without issue until 2023. When I rename the default tray in 23 it reverts back to default. The other trays ramain as labeled. I am a user since v.8

Don’t fight it. Just make three custom trays and leave the default tray empty and not displayed.

It appears the repair has fixed some of the major issues e.g. fewer bug splats and menus appearing on the same screen as SU. The fix for the context trays is still pending.
I wanted to say thanks for the swift response. SU has taken its share of complaints on the forum and you deserve credit when you respond in a timely manner.


Context trays? Do you mean the thing about deleting the Default tray? I’m not sure there’s any need for a fix. You surely don’t need to delete the Default tray. Just create trays named as you wish and add the utility windows to them. Leave the default tray not displayed and only display your custom trays. Same sort of process as with customized toolbars.

Thank you. I try. :wink:

Yes, sorry I meant the Default Tray