Medeek Light Fixture Models File Location?

Does anyone know where the product models are located in the Medeek Ecosystem? I want to add my own light fixtures, electric panels, etc.

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Check program files Very wrong.

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in the SU plugins folder

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Ah, I was thinking of the framing presets and material files located at:

You’s right. All the electrical fixture folders are at:
C:\Users\"you"\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2017\SketchUp\Plugins\medeek_electrical_ext\library\

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OK, So I found the models used, but now I see that there are things beyond the model of the item needed for a project.


Do you have step-by-step instructions to create a new product in Medeek Electric?

This is a standard 200A Electric Panel/Meter and AC Condenser Unit that we use in the Phoenix Metro Area, and I would love to have them available in my drop-down menus in Medeek Electric.


So I’ve enabled additional hardware for some of the menus but not all.

The best resource right now is the tutorial videos:

I need to review these and the various menus and determine what instruction I have provided in this regard.

I also like to provide as much industry standard hardware as I can, let me give this some more thought.

Can you send me these two models, so I can further analyze them.


I’ve emailed you a link to a Google Drive folder with the models in it.

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Excellent, I will be looking at these models, thank-you for making them available so quickly.

I’ve contacted Rheem and a few other HVAC manufacturers and inquired about 3D models as well. I’m mostly interested in manufacturers models so that I can obtain more accurate dimensions, from that I like to develop my own simplified low poly models. This pattern has seemed to work well in all of the plugins.


Providing a link below to Electric Hot Water Tank for you review and/or of interest.
great feature…

I’ve just added in the option for hot water heaters, see recent video: