3D MEP models for parts

Lately we are migrating our drawing production to 3D and are now using sketchup pro 2015 mostly as our tools and are looking for 3D MEP models for many parts that we are using in the industry, we would be appreciated if anyone can tell us where we can find them in the web, other than from the Skp warehouse.


There’s this old axiom around here: The best components are those you make yourself.
Then again, there are 3D Content Developers whose business is creating models for others.

A number of manufactures offer SKP models of their products on their own websites.
And there are many other sources of readymade components.
Some are free, others are not.

This extension and others might interest you:
Trimble MEPdesigner for SketchUp — Extension Warehouse

Try this search of the Extension Warehouse for MEP

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Hi Geo
Thx a lot for your advice, we certainly will try to review the information stated there in your message. The problem with MEP in this area, I think, there are so many little items in the industry, just one item in itself, say, valve, there are so many variations, modeling these components can take a long time, I guess we would try to use existing models, choose the ones which mimic close to the ones we will be using in the installation to build the model. I know this is an alternative but apparently this is the only way that we can move fast forward in an unchecked area and hope some day a full library comprehensive with all the major parts can be made available to the end user even if we have to pay for them. Once and again thx for your advice.