Measuring tape

Came home from school after working on project in class on windows, opened it up on my MacBook and literally can’t find the measuring tape anywhere on my tool bar. Any suggestions?

What tool palettes do you have displayed? Maybe you can share a screenshot?

It is in the large tool palette ( view → tool palettes), but not by default in the top toolbar. You can edit the top toolbar to put it there if you wish. It also has the default shortcut key T.

BTW your forum profile is a bit ahead of the times: SketchUp 2023 hasn’t been released yet!

That’s too funny!! Haha I’ll have to fix that

Trying your feedback right now, I’ll let you know if it works for me

Going to try the shortcut key for now, ill send a screen shot if it does’t work. Thank you!

Edit: I’m not able to upload images because I’m a new user?

Control T? That one wasn’t doing anything for me…

Plain T for me.

I even went to sketch in my toolbar >preferences>shortcuts and reassigned twice and neither shortcut key would work.

The measuring tape icon was there last week, used it for same project.

Could it have anything to do with being saved as a skp file and not a pdf?

EDIT: T brings up my draw icon…

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile says SketchUp Pro 2023 but that hasn’t been released yet.

It would be interesting to be able to see your screen to help you sort this out.

I am using 2022!

Please fix your profile.

I did!

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Somebody has changed your keyboard shortcuts. Just plain t is the default shortcut to activate the tape measure tool. No shift, option, ctrl, or command required. You could try resetting shortcuts, though that will put all of them back to default.

Hi Daria,

I’ll let you report the solution to the problem of the missing Tape Measure tool. :wink:

T as a shortcut where you were using it should bring up the Text tool.

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