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Hello, I am new to Sketchup but a dinosaur and expert at drafting by hand. I accidentally clicked my measuring tape icon from my toolbar and dragged it to my drawing space. How do I get it back into the toolbar? The undo button did not do anything and undo/redo are no longer highlighted and working. Please help!

Did you do this while the Toolbars panel was open? You can’t just drag a tool off of a toolbar and have it show up in the Model space by itself. Is it possible you just selected the Tape Measure tool and now the cursor shows that tool?

Maybe you could share a screen shot of what you are seeing.

Hi Dave and thanks for joining in on my dilemma. While trying to solve this issue, I really messed up my toolbar to epic proportions. Take a look at the screenshot.

It doesn’t look too terrible to me. Try this. Go to View>Toolbars. Highlight the Getting Started toolbar and then click the Reset button.
Screenshot - 1_4_2021 , 7_22_58 PM

FWIW while you have the Toolbars panel open you can customize your native toolbars to include the tools you want to show or not. You can also create new toolbars and drag native tools onto them. I’ve created three custom toobars for the native tools and left out tools I don’t normally use to save real estate.

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DaveR, you saved the day! I reset as you said and it brought me back. I can now add the extra icons/tools I need in the toolbar. I am very grateful for your help.

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I’m glad that helped.

by the way, if you are making custom toolbars, holding Ctrl while dragging tools off the native toolbars will copy them to the new toolbar instead of removing them from the native one.

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