Measurement box should be top left to the pencil

The current placement, for right hand users like me, makes the box pop up to the top right of the pencil, therefore hidden by the pencil itself.

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In case you haven’t discovered it yet, It’s possible now to draw with the pencil close to the right edge of the screen while drawing, to force the measurements box to the left side of the pencil, and/or draw to the left edge of the screen to get it to shift to the right of the pencil.

I hadn’t noticed it, but it’s kind of strange that the box stays on the right in all situations except when it is on the leftmost part of the screen

Yes, that works well for me. I am right handed as well and just sliding over to the right adjusts the measurement box to a place i can see it.
Also, liking the new inputs on pencil using click - draw click, the amount of pressure input feels just right.

As a lefty, I say it’s about time! Please do not change this!

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I thought about you, but didn’t want to complicate things. @MikeTadros just throw in a preference in settings.

@JQL what would the preference be for? And after setting a preference, would you want the current behavior (of being able to switch the side that the measurement box shows up on by drawing to one side of the screen or the other), remain?

I would have the box on top of the tip for it to become ambidextrous. To the left of the tip for right handed people and to the right for left handers.