Stylus problem for...righthanders for a change

I am a right hander. And I’m feeling for the lefties, who face these kinds of problems all the time.

When using a stylus on my Wacom, oriented to the right of my computer, the little window that displays sizes in the lower right corner of SketchUp is obscured by my right wrist. I can’t see dimensions while I draw!

Is there a fix for this, besides learning to stylus-draw with my left hand?

Turn on the measurement tool bar and put it where you want it.


There’s no measurements tool bar on the Mac version of SketchUp. You could try resizing the window so your hand doesn’t cover the VCB or looking at the computer’s screen ( not ideal).

You didn’t say which Wacom you have but I’m assuming it’s one with its own screen.

you can move the ‘VCB’ aka [Measurements box] to the ‘Custom Toolbar’ at the top of the view…

or you can hack the Nib file code and put it on the bottom left…



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