Left-Handed Mode

One thing I’d really like to see, unless of course I’ve missed it, is a left-handed mode which would switch the left and right sets of tabs. It’s really annoying having to lift your hand completely off the drawing to make quick selections.


Hi @randy.mennie Thanks so much for the note! Are there any nuances here that we should pay attention to aside from a fliperoo? Or if we take the interface and literally mirror it, would that get it done for ya?


Ability to move controls…. Or just a full reverse of the UI as an option for us left handed users



Thanks for the quick reply! I think it would be great to be able to simply switch the left and right side tabs. Maybe just a switch control in the settings. I know it sounds like “1st world problems” but watching right-handed people use SU on the iPad they seem to have a much smoother experience not having to lift their hand to uncover the tabs, choose, and then replace their hand.


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Just a fliperoo (love this technological language) would work great for this leftie!

Another vote from a lefty for the ability to flip the interface

Funny thing is, while I too would like the interface to be swappable from left to right, it’s because as a righty I feel the layout as is is better suited to a lefty.

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I say just let left and right go and make everything floating so I can put everything where I want when I want.


I noticed this recently too when trying to use the tape measure tool to reference a measurement. When using the pencil in my left hand, the measurement dialogue was conveniently hidden behind my left hand and very hard to see. I had to do a funky hand rotation move without letting the pencil tip leave the screen in order to see my measurement.

The measurement dialogue box is actually one that you can move.