Workspace customizing

I feel the Ipad workspace is back to front, or designed for a left hander.
For me, as a right hander, I feel the tools should be on the right side and the trays on the left.
When using a stylus or finger you tend to move your hand off to the right between actions to look at your drawing, the tools should then be available close to the ‘rest’ position to select and move to your drawing, rather than having to move over the drawing to select a tool and then back to use it.
The trays on the right should be visible when working but they are covered pretty much by your arm and hand. If the were on the left they could stay open and be readable while modelling.

By swapping the layout this way it become far more efficient to work within the right two thirds of the screen.
The ability to place everything anywhere would be ideal, but failing that just the ability to choose a right or left hand version would be great.

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Thanks @Box for the feedback. Noted.

We’ve received a number of requests for LH/RH workspace customization… certainly not opposed to the idea, it’s just a very complex/time-consuming project. Something for us to consider, perhaps, after we get through the Dark Mode project that is currently in the works.