Maximum file size?

When I publish my model to VR it says that it exceeds the optimal file size. In then loads to 84% and stops. If I strip out a huge number of objects it will load. So my question is, how big can the model be to load in Oculus Rift VR viewer?

Size of model that DOESN’T load:

  • 78,840 KB
  • 4888 edges
  • 1728 faces
  • 277 component instances
  • 44 tags
  • 376 materials

Size of stripped-down model that loads:

  • 21,446 KB
  • 4888 edges
  • 1718 faces
  • 128 component instances
  • 113 materials

Note: I have dual GTX 1070 8 MB GPUs and one hits about 20% capacity. I also have 32 GB of RAM and work off SDRAM drive with an Intel Xeon E5-1630 3.70 GHz CPU.

I have loaded bigger models in VR. I think it may be the number of materials that takes up a lot of memory. Are any of the materials a bigger texture image than they need to be?

Thanks Colin. That is a good thought! Most of these textures are associated with components imported from the 3D warehouse. I’ve been trying the 3D warehouse, View details … to manually inspect each one. Is there any faster way to find a large texture image file? Or even just identify the large components?

Checkout this extension:

Thanks Mike! The extension worked perfectly. Unfortunately, the model only loads to 83% in the VR viewer now. Anyone have other ideas?