50MB Limit Issue

With the addition of the VR apps for sketchup pro, our firm would like to visualize a full working model of a clients house on the property via the AR Viewer.

However the 8000 square foot residential model with all of the bells and whistles is around 65megs, even after cleaning and purging. Is there a way to upgrade this limit or will the Pro users be able to get larger files on the warehouse?

You dont have to use the Warehouse to see your model in the SketchUp VR viewer… infact the primary workflow would be to “publish” the model from SketchUp directly to the VR application by using the SketchUp AR|VR Extension. This extension loads the model directly into the viewer and allows you to rapidly deploy iterations of the model quickly. Here is more information pertaining to using SketchUp AR|VR Extension

Another alternative is to load your model into Trimble Connect. There is no model size limit. Similar to the 3DWH, the VR application has the ability to load models from any TC project.

And yet another option is to load the model the old fashion way. Have the SketchUp model (skp file) saved to your hard drive and load it from there

Here is the info pertaining to loading skp files

I hope this helps


Thank you! This was very helpful