matterport-pro2-3D capture output into sketchup

I have a friend that has a matterport-pro2-3d. what has to be done to get a capture from this device into a form in sketchup that can be modeled against? By modeling I mean at a minimum measuring against and drawing new geometry relative to the imported data. Changing the imported data would be another level, but not what i’m looking for.

For my purposes this is a organic shape mold approx 18’ x 4’ x 4’ in size. I do not want any of the room/surrounding geometry. I need the shape with millimeter accuracy, no colors or texture are required. The object is mirror smooth.

It seems matterport has some export capability to Autodesk recap/revit products, but I’m not sure what options may be required. Also Sketchup/Trimble have some options for importing.

Is there any experience out there with getting data from this device into a useful form in sketchup?

What are the file formats that it can export?

not very clear info to get from matterport anywhere that I can find. References to and OBJ format.

Best info I can find (easily) is here, for some company that sells a converter program:

So I’m thinking now this might be difficult to get into sketchup in any useful way.

References to???
Is the file type on this list:

You could try the Trimble Scan Essentials plugin. It supports point clouds in RWP, TZF, e57, LAS/LAZ, and PLY formats. I think that there are ways to convert Matterport output or the .pts files to one of these (at least Recap can do it if you have access to it). There are also importers for the OBJ format.

My friend with the matterport is going to look into this on his end. Maybe get us a small test file in whatever formats it produces. I’ll post results back here. Will take some time.

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hello everybody,

I was looking for answer how to work with sketchup and matterport.

I’ve just watch this vidéo it could be helpfull.

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