Materials paint

will the original color show through after applying another color

specifically, I’m working with terrain, and changing the colors and tone

You can only apply one material to a face at a time. A new material will replace the old one.

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So , no matter how many colors I’ve added on top of another, for example 3-5 colors on a mountain or hill, the previous colors will be removed as if they never existed in the first place. The reason for the concern, is it seems on the terrain which was downloaded from placemaker and geolocation shares some of the terrain colors from outside of sketchup. I’m trying to apply Winter snow on this kind of terrain from outside of Sketchup, but seems the Whiteness has an undertone of Off-white. And I’m trying to retain the pure whiteness of snow blankets, Thanks a lot appreciate it

Yes. It’s not like painting a wall.

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Don’t know if this is of any use?