What am I doing incorrectly?

I have some flats model, and I save 15-20 scenes, in one scene which I have saved, I paint 2 wall in different (red) colors, and update scene, … but this walls in another scenes also showen red,
another scenes I dont updated.
I try updated in this scene only visibele tags, or only styles, or update everything, but the result is same, this walls updated their color in another scenes, I want only in one scene that this walls were red.
what I doing wrong?
thanks in advance

‘Material’ or ‘Color’ is not a property that can be ‘remembered’ by Scenes because materials need to have a face or object to be seen in the first place.

The best approach would be to make a copy of the object and create some Tags (eg. ‘Existing’, ‘Option 1’, Option 2’, etc.) because Tags do get remembered by scenes.


thanks for answer, and adevice
I created a lot of scenes and in all scene remember materials and colors,
when I jump in another scene, change everything, but when again in one scene I colored 2 wall in green color and update this scene, that walls are shown in another scenes green colored. its a lottle ununderstable for me, in one case scene remember every colors, and change colors when jump to another scene, and in this case change in every scene that walls and shown green.

The color you apply to the wall is a property of the wall, not the scene. Since it’s the same wall in each scene, they will all show the same change. In simple terms scenes are just camera locations. If the cameras are looking at the same thing, they’ll see the same color.

Here are two scenes of the same room. The walls show as the same color.

If the walls were painted a different color and new pictures were taken from the same places as these were, both would show the new color.

If you want to show the walls in different colors you need to have different walls.

I understand at last :)))
thank you very much,
do it with different wals, in different tabs, I think its better way,
thanks again
greetings from georgia

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