Material UV not wrapping corners

Please help, I’m trying to render a project and this is getting frustrating.

I am having issues with materials not aligning/wrapping around corners and also, the material position will move entirely when closing a group unless I set a specific position. I am working with a custom stone material that I created, but have illustrated my problem with a stock SU material, as it’s producing the same problem. See below:

SU Material Bug

I am working in Sketchup 2023, the current version. This model was created in SU 22, however I recently made the switch to 2023 where I am now experiencing this issue.


  • using Fredo ThruPaint

  • using UV unwrapping in Blender, export .DAE, import into SketchUp

Any Idea what is causing the issue? I am sure there are many work-arounds using other plugins to force the UV. But Sketchup has natively been capable of mapping a texture around a corner for forever. Why all of a sudden is it so unpredictable?

With native tools

Amazing that they managed to break such an important feature. 2023 is basically useless because of this.

It has not been fixed in 2023.1

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