Can't get texture continuity on cylinder with SU Pro 2023

Hi there,

I’m getting an unexpected issue with SU Pro 2023. It’s the second time that I notice that I can’t make a texture turning on a cylinder. I do it like I ever did, positionning the texture on the first face and then pushing the texture from this face to its its neighbour and so on. I just checked with SU Pro 2022 on the same object pasted from 2023 to 2022 and it works fine.
here is the file : Dropbox - cloison_courbe-trash.skp - Simplify your life

If anyone have an idea about it ?


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thank you mihai.s.

I’m surprised that this bug was reported 7 mounths ago and there is still no fix. I keep my 2022 instaled to do those operations.
but I’m worry with the next time I have to teach that feature to my students. Must I tell them to install the 2 versions of SU to get all the tools working ?

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The timing was unfortunate, in that whatever updates we were doing at the time was being wrapped up, and no new fixes could go into it. The next update from us does have that problem fixed.

ok. I get it. thank U.

I’ve been having the same issue trying to wrap a texture around a cylinder. The 2022 version worked fine but ever since I’ve updated to 2023 I can’t seem to be able to get the same result.
Are there any updates?

According to Trimble employees, they’ve fixed it, but they can’t tell exact details and dates, sketchup 2024 is already late and no one outside Trimble knows when will it be released, it could be tomorrow or in a month.

You can try the free plugin SketchUV to apply materials on complex surfaces.