Cola Example from Aaron's book doesn't work in Sketchup 2023

I’ve been working through Aaron’s “Next Level” book, getting a lot out of it. The example on page 120, where he shows how to wrap a texture around a cylinder using a cola can was not working at all in Sketchup 2023. Out of curiosity, I tried it in Sketchup 2022 (I kept my old version around). It works perfectly there.

So, is this a bug in Sketchup 2023, or is there a new and different way to do this now?


Are you using SketchUp 2023 Pro or SketchUp Free (web) as indicated in your profile?

Sorry I should update that. Sketchup Pro.

Thanks for updating. Can you share your model so we can see how you’ve set it up?

I did log a bug about this a while ago (SKOR-17567 in our system). I don’t know when it will be fixed. I added a link in the bug report to your post, so that when it does get fixed I can come back and tell you.

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Thanks, Colin!

It seems like it’s a bug. Get Aaron’s Chapter 5 file from the Warehouse and select the “Wrapping” scene if you want to try it. That’s the model.

I did this just now.

Might as well tag @TheOnlyAaron so he can help me convince people to fix the problem!

Applying the whole texture in one go still works. It’s when you show hidden geometry and sample a face, and apply it to adjacent faces, that the texture position gets a bit crazy.

Here is my not terribly exciting screen recording to show the problem.