Update Image texture SKP 2023

Hi Everybody,
I have a big issue with the new 2023 SKP.
I set it as the default image editor Photoshop.
In the older version of Sketchup, if I edit a picture and then save it in photoshop, the texture will automatically update in sketchup.
In the 2023 version, this is not happening anymore. Does someone have any clue?
Did I make something wrong, or I’m missing something?
Thanks for the help!

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This a known issue and it’s being worked on.

BTW, please update your forum profile. It says you’re using SU2019.

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thanks a lot.
I assume I’ll be back to the 2022 version till they fix it.
It’s something I use in my daily base work routine.
Thanks again

Is it fixed?

We have it fixed internally, but not in time for the recent update. I don’t know when the next update will be released, so for now you either stay with 2022, or you edit the image in the external editor and save that as a new file, to then reload back into the material inside SketchUp.

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Mac or Windows PC ?

for the moemtn I don’t have mcOS

I’m currently training a group of Revit users in my office on SketchUp. Last week I praised SKPs material handling system as powerful due to it’s simplicity and reliability. I discovered this bug during a live modeling exercise with them on Monday. This was incredibly embarrassing, and not confidence inspiring for them to know that a patch may not be rolled out for months.

Sorry to hear that. I will share this with colleagues, so they can feel embarrassed as well.

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Thanks Colin. It would be great if your team could possibly update the changelog (.help.sketchup.com/en/release-notes/sketchup-desktop-20230) as it only covers up to version 2023.0.2.

FYR this image-update bug is present in the 2023.0.3x release.

I’ve just noticed availability of 2023.0.4(19) and am testing that this morning.
I can confirm the bug is not fixed in this release (for my install).
However, 2023.0.4 seems to have fixed the serious Sandbox>Drape Tool issue … and, that is fantastic- thank-you !!

nah, they just have a weird way of naming version, they’ve had it for years.

SketchUp Pro 2023.0 is both :

  • 23.0.367 Win 64-bit
  • 23.0.366 Mac 64-bit

SketchUp Pro 2023.0.1 is both :

  • 23.0.397 Win 64-bit
  • 23.0.396 Mac 64-bit

SketchUp Pro 2023.0.2 is both :

  • 23.0.419 Win 64-bit
  • 23.0.418 Mac 64-bit

They differentiate the Release version and the build name.
Release version can be summed up as “this is the original one, this is the first update, second update”
The build name is internal, I’d say every time they fix a thing, the version number grows, one for mac, one for PC

So right now, we’re on the second minor (bugfix) update, build 419 on PC.

Again ateliernab is onto it. The numbering system is a bit confusing. The last three numbers is the build number. Sometimes there may need to be a build that is only for Windows or only for Mac, which is why it’s 418 for Mac and 419 for Windows.

The release version is simpler. If it’s a minor patch, or only a few bug fixes, the third number changes. If it’s more fixes or new features added, the second number changes. 23.0 (or you can think of it as 23.0.0) is the initial release of 2023, 23.0.1 was several weeks later when important bug fixes were added. 23.0.2 is unusual, in that it’s entirely about security patches, no bugs were fixed and no new features. Fixing bugs would have delayed the release, and getting the security fixes out there quickly was important.

Whenever we have a new update it will logically be called either 23.0.3 or 23.1 (23.1.0 if you like).

Is there any progress on this texture editor bug? It was so convenient to edit materials using photoshop, closing the file, and having the material be up to date. I have a workaround (save a copy of my edited image, map to the new copy) but would rather not waste my time if i don’t have to. 2023 is quite the headache in this regard.


It’s being worked on. Perhaps the next maintenance release will include the fix.

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is it fixed?

Your profile says you’re using SketchUp 2016 Pro. It was never a problem in that version.

As for SketchUp 2023, I think Colin has reported it is fixed for the next maintainence release but that release hasn’t been released yet.

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Hi Guys,
problem solved with the last update. Thank you

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