Material Transparency Issues

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Been a user of Sketchup since it came out ages ago. This last version or two Ive noticed this Style transparency issue where if on Nicer I get this odd Moire Effect but on Faster it goes away. I Cant seem to solve it. It happens wheither its a straight color wit transparency or a texture with transparency

Does anyone know how to solve this? its been annoying for some time to me. I can only upload one picture it says so here is a screenshot of an xray where it happens on all surfaces once transparent. Just the pink top is transparent. If I turn transparency to Faster it goes away.

Can you post the model? To me it looks first like you have used the Soften/Smooth function over a rectangular object, but cannot be sure.

box w ceiling.skp (1.2 MB)
Sure… I have no smoothing or soften on anything though

I don’t see any artifacting like you posted in the transparency, I tried faster and nicer settings in the styles, both worked fine on this file. Graphics card issue? SketchUp Menu > Preferences > OpenGL > use fast feedback ? I’m not clear from your post, are you seeing this in a transparent material on a surface, or looking through two overlapping transparent surfaces, or when in X-ray display mode?

I used Tools > Advanced camera tools > reset camera to get rid of the grey bars top and bottom of the viewport.

yeah it is probably hardware specific. Running on a maxed out 2021 Macbook Pro Apple M1 Max. Not suprised that it doesnt translate on someone elses computer. Ive tried turnng off the anti aliasing and the fast feedback neither solve it. I see it in the model changing as i orbit or move camera around it. It shows up in screenshots and it shows up in exported shots too. You can see it on any displayed surface that has transparency whether in xray view or not. here is another shot of the same model not in xray but the pink ceiling has the effect. It changes as camera moves… disssappears and shows up with a different effect. It shows up in single non overlaping surfaces too… I can try and take a video too

If this was windows I would suggest updating your graphic card driver, but Mac…

Heres a small clip of a screencapture due to limited mb file size
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my posts with screenshots are all being flagged by spam it seems. Im trying to upload a compresed video clip and it wont let me now because ive been flagged as spam … so annoying

can someone tell me how to get my post unflagged?

I’m not sure why your posts are getting flagged, I see nothing objectionable or off topic in them. Maybe @TheOnlyAaron or @jody can sort out why you are getting flagged.

Very odd what you are seeing, it does look like a graphics card issue but on an M1 Mac I’m lost as to how to address it beyond use fast feedback and anti alias settings. My mac is not M1 but there are many here successfully running on the m1 chip and I have not heard of this particular problem yet, it’s discouraging as I was about to upgrade now that I felt confident the software I use has all been ported and everything was working pretty well on out on M1. Are you running on an external screen? It should not matter. Hmmmmm… a puzzler.

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Ya strange… I’ve already tried turning on and off anti aliasing and fast feedback to no avail :frowning:

Oh ya also no external screen. It’s on my monitor… shows up in exports, screenshots, and video as seen above

Thanks @endlessfix for calling this to my attention.

@linng it looks like the system is automatically flagging posts as spam for including multiple links from the same domain, or for posting too fast. I’ll go unflag/unhide those posts and see if there is anything that needs to be tweaked.

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Hi Endlessfix. Running 2022 on M1 Studio Max and on Macbook Air M2, on both everything very smooth and fast. I’m working with very large models all the time, and render with Podium, which also runs very well on both.
About linng’s problem: every texture in this model which you give some opacity will show the strange behaviour. and by the way, what are the grey planes on the side of the drawing? I copied the pink texture to a new drawing I set up and then it behaves normal. There must be a strange setup in his drawing somewhere, but I can’t figure out where it’s going wrong.

So this issue with transparency on M1 is happening for you too? Just in one file or on all files for you?

No, only in the model of linng. in my own models I can use the same texture and it behaves normally. that’s what I said, there must be a problem in his model, because I can only reproduce it in the sketchup file which he uploaded. Can’t find the wrong setting in his model though. I never have exprienced a problem or strange behaviour with sketchup 2022 on the Mac Studio. In fact sketchup runs better than ever on this computer. Maybe also because this version of Sketchup runs natively on M1. And on M2 it’s the same, performing very well. The upper screenshot is my own, new sketchup model with the texture I copied from linng’s model, the lower screenshot is from linng’s model on my computer.

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Hi roelatmac, I think i. The file where you don’t see the artifact you have transparency on faster. It only shows up when you have transparency on nicer setting. It looks like this is a graphics hardware issue relating to how sketchup runs on the m1 macs

I have transparency always on nicer. All textures on maximum. All circles on 96… and so on… Never a problem on the M1.

Hi roelatmac!

Ok so just to be clear. In the file your copied over the surfaces with transparency and don’t see the artifact you have made sure under style, edit, surfaces and having “nicer” option turned on, you do not see the same artifacts I see as problematic in this discussion. Please confirm as that makes this problem a whole nother set of problems than I have ferreted out to believe it to be.