The old transparency issue

Why can I see ‘shadows’ of some edges of some groups thru other groups in my model? No, x-ray is not on.

I have even tried creating a 1/32" gap between adjacent groups so they aren’t touching and STILL I can see the group. I’m building an architectural model. I’ve done this many times but not with SketchUp '22 - first time user.

I’ve tried switching between cameras, zooming extents, etc…

Why can’t stuff just bloody work when you spend a few hundred dollars on it and it’s been around forever…

Thanks for ANY help with this. I need to export to Layout and can’t have additional lines on the images.

Without seeing your model or at least a picture, all we can do is guess

As Aaron said, we can only guess unless you show us something to go on. My guess from what you are describing is a limitation of the graphics card and OpenGL.

Yes, you’d think with the price of graphics cards today, that maybe they could fix this sort of thing. Seems like the sort of thing you could contact Nvidia about since it’s their GPU andf drivers you’re using.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Free (web) and 2017. Neither of those would be correct for SketchUp 2022. It also says your Mac has an Nvidia GPU which Apple hasn’t supported for years. Please update your profile as that information helps us help you.

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Well, I just told you that I’m now running SketchUp22… is that not updated enough? My reference to a few hundred dollars was the cost of the sub…

Mac is the same.

I’m not understanding why it would be a graphics card issue when I don’t have the same problem if I draw anything or view older models in Make, but then I’m not a tech guy.

Here is a screenshot of the model: The roof and walls shouldn’t have the horizontal lines through them
which are layers of building materials under the surface material.

This is an issue called z-fighting or bleed through. It is a graphical issue caused by lines bleeding through surfaces. Best solution is to turn off the stuff you don’t want to see.

And @DaveR was pointing out that your profile, which we all look at to see what version you are running, still says 2017. To get the best help, we would ask that you fix that.


Thank you - woulda thought my first description would’ve been clear enough to lead to that answer but
I guess not…

Nope it’s not z-fighting - as I said the different groups were not in the same plane, and actually even separated. I understand how that works. It isn’t that.

Turning off Layers/Tags isn’t a solution at all because some of the components are part-visible/part hidden…

So, having to make another bunch of groups and then scenes seems to be the only solution… man, sometimes it feels like we’re going backwards…

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Instead of complaining and blaming others attach the bl*#dy file with the model, not such a poor screenshot.


One of the problems SketchUp has to solve is what to do when an edge and a face occupy the same space. If you check around the forum you will see reports where an edge looks less visible as you orbit, that’s an example where the problem is happening.

The solution to the problem is to artificially move all edges towards the camera. I don’t know how far they are moved, it’s a small amount, but in the case where a line behind the face is very close to the face, it may well have been brought forward enough to then appear on top of the face. The further you are away from that small gap the more likely the problem is going to happen.

So, it isn’t a z-fighting issue as such, but it’s a side effect of trying to avoid z-fighting.

You can easily see the problem in this file. Get close to the edge/face, and the edge will disappear close up, but probably still show a little for the further away part of the edge.

Very few roofs are 1/32" thick. If you model things to have a real world thickness, the problem shouldn’t happen very much.

edgeissue.skp (96.5 KB)

Did you read the entire thread?! Again, they aren’t occupying the same space. They are laid over each other, with a thickness, in the exact same way you would lay materials over each other in the actual building process. It is a ‘real-world’ model.

I didn’t say that the any part of the roof was 1/32" thick - I said I separated groups, of individual materials, that would sit tightly against each other in real life, by 1/32" so that there was NO contact between the two individual groups.

It is NOT z-fighting or even close. The issue you have illustrated with that simple model is not representative of the issue I am facing at all, which is one of solid objects, with a thickness - not just a plane - not appearing to be solid.

The video that Aaron posted shows the same issue with the sheathing and rafters. Why is ‘paid for’ SU’22 allowing this to happen when the free Make doesn’t?!

Really not impressed…

At the Camera distance you have in your screen shot, 1/32 in. is close enough that OpenGL considers it zero. If you zoom in close to the model you’ll see the Z-fighting stops.

Sorry, what is ‘poor’ about the screenshot? It clearly shows (if you view it, along with reading my clear description) the joints in the sheathing under the metal cladding…

Again, why is this a problem in '22 when it NEVER was in any of the other SU versions I have used? I have built similar models and had no issue - even with groups sitting directly against each other.

It’s your old graphics card and it’s drivers. Here’s an example from SketchUp 2022 on my computer with an old but still supported graphics card with up to date graphics drivers. I have to zoom out quite a long way to get the Z-fighting to occur.

X-ray to start so you can see there’s objects behind the sheathing and siding.

It is? So the OpenGL version has changed in '22 from the version running in '17 & '21?..

While we’re here - how do you change account details so I can update? I see no edit option on my account page…

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