Material/Texture application issue

Need some assistance. I have created a wood slat wall composed of 1.5" x 2.5" slats that are 12’ in height. In order to create a non repeating texture along the fronts of the slats, I created one grouped wall of all the slats. They are all a part of one mass, not independent. In the model, it shows the texture across the entire face of all the (100 or so) slats. But when rendered, it repeats the texture on each face, identically. Any one know how to get around this?

It’s possible that your renderer cannot export or access the texture coordinates because you just applied a material without positioning it (API bug). Then SketchUp displays your model with a default texture positioning although the faces have no explicit texture coordinates. Because of this, renderer extensions also don’t see explicit texture coordinates. If you right click → Texture → Position and leave the edit mode (for everyslat), the problem should disappear. Christina’s Materials Tools can help to depatternize many faces at once.

For neighboring faces you can also use the Sampling Tool (Paint Bucket + Alt), which transfers the material so that it fits seamlessly.

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