Non-Tiling SKM texture

Hello ! SketchUp does not natively support non-repeating (non-tiling) textures for SketchUp Material (SKM) textures. When you apply a texture to a surface in SketchUp, it will automatically repeat or tile the texture across the face of the object by default. I think that this behavior is inherent in the SketchUp rendering engine.

Is there a workarounds or plugins available that can help achieve the effect of a non-tiling texture ? Is it possible to create a SKM with a metadata information that disable the texture repeat in Sketchup ? Thank you for your help !!

For the wood grain materials I make I use images of large boards. Since they are larger than the face they have to cover, they don’t repeat. I’ve done the same for brick walls, too.

It has to be as big as the face, otherwise, textures start repeating. It’s the nature of a texture.
If you see repeating textures, it is probably not ‘seamless’ enough.
Search for seamless textures and you might get better results.

If you really want a texture to cover only a portion of a face, perhaps a work-around would be to use a separate image-editing application to create a new version of the texture image that has a lot of space around it - white, or transparent, or etc. as needed. Then apply that new image to the face in SketchUp.