Material Sizing Incorrect

Hi all ~ As I move forward with learning SU I have come across this problem: When I extrude a wall or walls, then go to Materials>Select (Cinder Block, size=18"x8"), and apply the texture to the walls, the blocks come out TINY, I have read many threads similar to this which suggest scaling. However, my drawing IS correctly scaled. I have my walls in a group, but not as a component (do they need to be? I don’t thinks so, but…). What am I missing here? THANKS IN ADVANCE!! John
Florida Home 1.skp (3.6 MB)

The walls aren’t in a group in your uploaded file. They don’t need to be in a component but they could. Either way you’d need to open the group or component for editing before you apply the texture.

The texture is displayed at the correct dimensions for the texture. Maybe you want the blocks to be bigger? You can adjust the size of the texture to suit. Here you can see the bounds of the texture image. The guidelines are positioned 18 and 8 inches from the edges of the wall.

Really, before you even think about applying textures you should deal with the geometry. You have a lot of reversed faces for one thing. Don’t apply textures to mask bad geometry.

Not to mention tags.

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I didn’t even get to tags.

@jlardino, Box makes a good point, you should also learn about correct tag usage before you make your model more complex.

Thanks for the quick feedback.

Thanks for the pointers!

Thanks for the tip!

I’m not sure what I’m missing but I just drew a simple box, offset it 8", extruded the walls up, applied the “Cinder Block” texture to it and the blocks are not 18"x8". I was expecting them to be of the size they claimed, but as you show by the box you bound around the example you marked up, there are about 18 bricks in the 18"x8" area you bound. I’d expect there to be ONE block sized 18"x8"… Anyway, this is a fun program to explore and learn!
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It’s the full texture image that is 1’8" x 8" not the blocks in the image. You can change the size of the texture image to suit.
Screenshot - 1_20_2021 , 12_14_22 PM

The only size information given with the texture is the area the texture image should cover. I agree that it looks small for what I think of as cinder blocks but the cool thing is you can make them as big as you want. You could also create your own new textures if you wish.

FWIW, if you want one block to display as 1’6" x 8", you can resize the In Model texture to 4’6 x 4’ You have to click on the chain link icon to allow separating the length and width.

Thanks, Dave ~ I guess it’s just one of those circumstances where it and I are NOT on the same page… I will continue to explore your suggestion about changing the size in the materials properties. I had fooled around with that earlier and seen that procedure may be a solution. Thanks again!!

Dave ~ I just wanted to let you know that I had that A-HA! moment last night regarding the sizing and I get it now! Thanks!!

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