Material fragmented--what can I do?

This material looks very messy and fragmented when applied to the model. How can I fix it?Dva.skp (1.8 MB)

I see you have SketchUV so I will assume that you know how to use it:
1st of all your texture is not tileable, I am uploading a tileable version.
2nd: The back of the plane, is essentially a cut cone (though not centered) You should recreate it and texture it before you cut away the wing pieces (the ones in red). And also create a few polygon divisions to help sketchuv apply the UV’s correctly (you will notice that near the top, the texturing starts to look weird, I should have used a few more divisions) I used curviloft but there are many ways to do it.
3rd: within sketchuv, you just apply cylindrical projection and vuala!

Scrap the previous answer,
there is an easier way with fredo6’s thruPaint: [Plugin] FredoTools::ThruPaint - v1.3a - 20 Oct 16 • sketchUcation • 1

Using the tileable texture, use thrupaint (just be sure at the settings to have “all adjacent faces with same material” selected. No need to change your topology.
(also I found it works better if you extract temporarily the painted part as a separate object)

This is awesome! Thank you! Haha, downloading and installing an extension does not mean one knows how to use it! :rofl: I’m very excited to see that what I want to do is possible. Now I will try to follow your example!

PS That Fredo extension, ThruPaint, seems not to exist anymore

Thrupaint is part of Fredo Tools

Oh, goodie! I just downloaded it. That’s a relief :smiley:

It works now, and I’m in heaven! Thank you all!

In your other thread on this subject you said you’d rather not learn another plugin, which is why I didn’t suggest it there.

I’m desperate and see no other way to apply this pattern to a fuselage, so I’m going to bite the bullet and create some new brain synapse connections by learning how to use ThruPaint:

I think you’ll have a hard time even with Thrupaint replicating that pattern. It’s a very complex shape to wrap with a geometry pattern that twists like that.

I’m very pleased with this first effort using an extension I am unfamiliar with. After all, I am going for representation, not miniaturization. One gets the idea. Thanks everyone for the help! Dva.skp (1.8 MB)

PS I can probably clean up the mismatched squares with Inkscape later, so no worries.

Thanks for all your help, guys! Here is the finished product in this gallery: