3D volume paint

I have been experimenting with projected textures (up to 5 processes per object) - to simplify this process, I recommend creating a 3D volume paint feature. (maybe with Adobe’s help)? Imagine a cube - paint one surface with a marble texture, then enable “volume paint” to extrapolate that texture throughout the volume of the cube, obviously requiring a lot of math / image analysis. Objects can be inserted in the resulting cube to paint the surfaces of the object with perfect registration of the texture. Sounds easy :slight_smile:

Hello, Fredo’s tools is a set of many useful plugins, among them you’ll find Thrupaint that does it very well ! I worked on a project last year that had quite complex round marble columns/ pilars, and thanks to thrupaint, in just 2 clicks I had a perfect result.

here’s the link to the overview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2QjLlUQVrY

Thanks Paul - I use Thrupaint (although not extensively) - I haven’t found it covers all my needs so far. I have issues with stretching, etc.

Strange ! Because as you can see at 11:38 in the video I sent, stretching is done very easily !

I meant I am getting texture deformation which I don’t want (wrapping around a curved surface from a flat surface).

hmmm… I believe I see what you mean, it might happen if there is too much detail in some of the curve parts, causing wrong spacing of the texture, but thrupaint should be able to work around this. Would you have an example file to share ? (I like challenges)

This example illustrates the texture distortion below the curved edge of the hearth. The blue grey texture was created with SketchUp project texture, used on 5 axis’ with some adjustments.

Have tried this extension? https://extensions.sketchup.com/en/content/sketchuv

I have looked at it - I think I found it too complicated. If I can’t figure out how to use the relevant function of a plugin in less than 5 minutes, I usually move on to something else.

Maybe a good UV mapping workflow will last more than 5 minutes? Have you tried WrapR?

I can’t find it in the SketchUp warehouse - is that the precise spelling?

You can find Wrapr on SketchUcation’s Plugin Store, or through it’s own website.


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