Matching a Background Photo to an existing model

When I import and open a background image(as a New Matched Photo) in my existing model, the model becomes transparant, with just the edges. How can I make the faces visible again?
When I try that by changing the style in something like “shaded” the background disappears.

Edit the style settings.

Ah, thanks! this part of the styles settings dialogboxes was hidden… I could unhide it, only the lowest part (opacity of the backround) stays hidden, but thats no problem.
Thanks a lot!

You should be able to drag the bottom of the Styles window down to show the rest.

That’s what I did but it did not work in the beginning… but now everything works fine :smiley:

I know this is old, but I am having the same problem, and worse.

I reduced the foreground photo to zero visibility, and now my model shows up. However, none of the materials on the model are showing. When I check the properties, the materials are set for each surface. What do I do now?

How about uploading the SKP file so we can see what you’ve got at this point? Should be able to tell you exactly what to do next.

Here you go, and thanks.

River Bend Wedding (1.7 MB)

Does this look like what you want to do.

Untick the Foreground Photo box.

A slightly related note: I see you aren’t using layers correctly. Your model has a bunch of edges and faces that aren’t assigned the Layer 0 visibility tag as they should be. Proper layer usage involves all edges and faces being assigned Layer 0. Only groups and components get other layer assignments.

Are you working in SU2017 Make as your profile indicates.

Thanks again. Unchecking the box worked! Yes, I’m using 2017.

You’re welcome. FWIW, as an architect, you should be using Sketchup Pro, not Make.

I make the models in Revit, which is waaaaaaay easier than SketchUp. Then I export to Autocad, and then import the Autocad into SkecthUp for presentations.

I’ve never seen anyone report that Revit is way easier than SketchUp. Still, you’re using SketchUp commercially so you need to be using Pro.