Match photo settings

I’d like to model on top of an existing photo, to show customer an overlay of some cabinetry…
Is there a way to have my model look with uniform opacity both on the photo and off?
Note that in my screenshot, the opacity changes drastically as the image overlaps the photo…

I’m not sure what I’m looking at or what’s going on. It doesn’t look like you are currently in a Match Photo Scene there.

In the Styles tray, Edit, Modeling Settings (the last of the edit icons) you can choose whether there is a foreground or background photo, and their transparencies. Just turning off foreground photo may be enough to get what you want.


How do I get the original (matched) photo back once I navigate to a different perspective?

Scene tab

Dave beat me to it. It’s a scene. There should be scene buttons along the top of the window. BTW, the scene button restores the “photo fills the screen” view even while editing your Match Photo set up.

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Can anyone tell me what this message is all about??
I happens when I try to draw a simple rectangle over my (matched) photo…

That would be the recent action
The moment you finish drawing the perimeter of the rectangle, SketchUp tries to see if it can create a face. It will not only take account for visible lines (you would see those yourself), but also look for lines that have been assigned to a layer (Tag) which visibility is set to ‘hidden’ and haven’t been isolated (lines, faces that are not ‘grouped’)

In general, it is best practice not to mess with the ‘Active Layer or Tag’ , leave it set to default.
Isolate geometry by making Groups or Components.
Assign Tags or Layers to them only

It means you’ve drawn geometry on one layer in the same spot as geometry on another layer, which happens to be hidden. Thing about layers is that they don’t isolate geometry, so despite being hidden, the geometry is now connected (merged) and will take considerable steps to undo.

This means that you are most certainly using layers incorrectly. You really should be drawing on Layer0 only for geometry, and using Layers exclusively for tagging groups and components for easily toggling of visibility.

Didn’t know I had ever used layer other than default (I did not knowingly create any).
Thanks-will look out for yet another SU hazard.