Applying material over a matched photo


I am a sketchup newbie. I admit it. I have created a new project using a photo, and photo matched it. Then i have added rectangles that appear to be layered on top the photo matched background. I want to paint them with a color, but when I click the paint bucket on the rectangle, nothing happens. No color is applied. Is there something I need to do when photo matching, to allow models to be painted or textured over them? Thanks.


The PhotoMatch function, for some reason, places two copies of the photo in your model, one behind your model and another in front of it. Window menu>Styles>Edit>Modeling settings has a slider and a tickbox to regulate the transparency of the “foreground” photo or to turn it completely off.



Thank you so much! Wow, what a buried but important feature! :slight_smile: Tom


I am day late and a dollar short my self. I was working on a Match Photo Thursday morning and was lucky enough to find info about it in the tutorial I found.It is a BIG help, also X-ray mode when tracing over image…Peace…