Match photo problem

hey guys, I have a problem using match photo in sketchup.
when I click on match photo option, I can’t see my photos that are in my folder and I can see them out of sketchup.
could anyone please give me tips to fix this problem? I will appreciate.

Which version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your profile isn’t clear on this.

What is the file extension for the image you want to use?

I use sketchup 2020
and I don’t get you, what do you mean for file extension?
If yoy mean the image’s file type, it’s jpeg

So SketchUp 2020 Pro, not the free web version your profile says you are using? Please correct your profile, then.


What sort of file type does the import panel indicate? Is it set for JPEG image?

first, thanks for letting me know! I’ll change it.
then, it was on ‘all supported image types’, but i changed it into jpeg, ang it still doesn’t show my image!
look at this photo please

Can you see/import jpeg images files from other directories? When you installed SketchUp did you right click on the downloaded installer and select Run as administrator?

No, I can’t import files from other directories.
and yes, I did run it as adminstrator

So you can’t see any image files on your computer when you select Import in SketchUp?

Find the downloaded installer, right click on it, choose Run as administrator and then when prompted, choose Repair.

Click on the P in the yellow circle at the top right corner of the forum screen. Then click on your username followed by the gear icon and then edit your profile.

Could you please tell me how can I edit my profile’s info into ‘sketchup 2020 pro’ ?
I’m a little bit new :))

No I can’t.

I did it, but it still doesn’t show my photos. Do you know any other ways to fix it?

thank you so much I edited my profile. :pray:

What format are your images actually? Your screenshot doesn’t show the file extensions so one can’t tell. Is their extension .jpeg or .jpg? Or are the taken with an Iphone - that has a format (HEIC) of its own that isn’t supported in SketchUp without conversion.

They’re jpeg actually.
In fact, this photos are not taken by me, and I don’t know if they’re taken by an Iphone.
but how can I change it’s format if needed?

I wonder if the directory names you use have something to do with this. Your Windows seems to be mainly in English, but your folder names might carry some characters that confuse the importer. Just a guess.

Yes, my windows language is english. But my folder name is farsi (persian).
Do you think it may cause a problem?!

It wouldn’t hurt to try putting some images in a folder with an English name and see if there’s any difference.

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It was just a dumb guess. You could try, for instance, putting an image on your desktop and importing that.

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If the file to be imported has the extension .jpeg, try renaming it to .jpg.