Importer not found for particular JPEG




I am using Mac OS 10.12, Sketchup Pro 2017.

I’m attempting to import a JPEG used for photo match. This is a photo I’ve taken myself, it’s not locked, and it’s in RGB colorspace. When I try to import, I receive the alert: Importer not found. I have JPG files that do import.

When the import window opens, the JPEG file I desire appears ghostly (although it allows me to select and press import). The JPG files in my folder appear full color, and of course, those work…

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance,



does it open in

if it does try re-saving it from there at 100% quality or as a png and see if that imports…

otherwise add the image to this thread and someone can look at it for you…



I’ve a feeling I’ve read somewhere that JPEG files don’t import, but if you change the file extension to JPG, it will (or at least, might). Try that?


Yes, changing to png worked. Many thanks!



Did the original have more than 8 bits per channel?


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