Mass Delete Textures?

Hi All,

Part of my job is converting large revit files of academic buildings into SketchUp for the other designers. And with the recent versions of Sketchup and Revit they now import materials as colors. This makes texturing difficult later on for generic items that can easily be painted from outside the group (glass, etc). At least that’s my workflow.

However a lot of times these models have a million of those swatches. Is there a way to mass delete them from the materials window? Or maybe there’s a plugin that can do it for me? Normally I have to right-click delete them one by one because I haven’t found any other way to do it.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,


If you first remove the textures/colors from the model, you can purge the unused ones from the file in one step. If the groups/components are painted instead of the faces inside, you can select them all and apply the default material to them in once step, too.

Thanks Dave,

Literally I’ve been using SketchUp for years and I JUST now discovered that the little context menu on the right side also has a “Delete All” item lol

So… now I feel like an idiot haha but thanks for the tip. I’ll purge it down once that’s done.


Sorry. I made the assumption that Delete All in the Details menu didn’t do what you were after.

Another thing you might use is ThomThom’s Material Replacer. It’s available in the Extension Warehouse. It can let you quickly remove materials from the model and replace them with other materials.

While choosing purge, if any material in paint bucket is selected it stays in model… So first choose empty material then use purge unused…