Is it possible to get rid of textures?

I’ve got quite a big model, and in order to reduce the size of it, I would like to get rid of one or two textures. I’ve deleted the texture everywhere in my model, but each time I refresh the material pannel it stays there… I suppose that the texture is still hidden somewhere in my model, but I can’t find it. Is there any way to forcibly remove it, or find where it is in the model? Thanks!
I’m on SketchUp for schools.

Go to the In Model section of the Materials tray and use the Purge button to remove unused materials.
If sketchup for schools is like the web version it is has an icon that looks like a recycle symbol.

As mentioned by @Box, use “Purge unused” for the “In Model” materials (little house icon and recycle icon beneath in the Material window)
Same applies to getting rid of unused, previously created but deleted (“In Model”) components.

Complementing the posts before me, it may happen that the material in question is on the deleted but not “purged” components. So first purge the components then the materials.


When I said ‘refresh’ I meant purging unused. I’ve clicked that button lots of times, but the material is still hidden somewhere in the model, so it doesn’t go.
I’m asking whether there’s a way to either 1) forcibly remove the texture, even though it’s still in the model, or 2) find where the texture is hidden and get rid of it.
I did purge the components before purging the materials, but didn’t help.

Attach your model so we can check it.

If the material stays selected in the paint bucket, purge operation is not able to clear it…

That’s not it, I’m careful to not select the material.

Deleting it in paint bucket will delete it for good… Find it in the list, right click on it and delete…

For me (web version), right-clicking a material doesn’t bring up anything.

I have no idea why web version does not have empty material… How users supposed to delete material on a surface? :slight_smile:

Link to the model:

Good luck, as I said it’s quite a big model.
This is the texture I’m trying to get rid of:

It works to sample an unpainted surface to get the default material and replace the unwanted one.

I think I eliminated the right one.

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Thank-you very much, very kind of you.
But would be able to share the model through ?
I cannot use Dropbox.

Sorry. I can’t use Maybe someone else can.

This then ?

What’s wrong with DropBox?

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“Company policy” , I guess. (Myself restricted to OneDrive exclusively here)


Shouldn’t be any company involved in this case. The OP is using SketchUp for Schools.

That’s a kind of company, Isn’t it? :wink:

(If I want to download something in office, I have to use the neighbor’s Wifi via my smartphone, and transfer via USB,… or have to go to home…) :innocent: