How to find certain materials in model

For main point, see text in bold
Hi, I want certain materials removed but I can’t purge them as apparently they’re still in the model. Unfortunately, my model is not easily navigable,

but I wish to remove the mustard yellow, the maroon red, the red plant leaves textures and I don’t have the time to scan through each polygon just to remove them.
I certainly could try purging components first, but that’s what I did and… the texture’s still here.
**So, is there a way I can spot a specific material by itself so that I can remove it faster? **

In the free web version there isn’t a great easy way to do this. You’d have to repaint those faces that currently use those colors before you could purge the materials. Or purge the components that use the materials.

In the desktop versions you can simply delete the material from the In Model materials and faces that use it will get painted with the default material. I guess you could look at it as part of your hobby.

Yes, but problem is that I can’t find those surfaces… or I should just start a new email to sign into SU to get free Pro trial and find a better solution :shushing_face: don’t let them know

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As a hobbyist, what’s your rush anyway? Enjoy the process.

Did you try purging unused components? Maybe the materials you want to eliminate were used on components you’ve deleted from the model space.

Enjoy, oh, am I!
Yes, I’ve tried purging unused components but the mustard and maroon seems to be somewhere in the tree that I downloaded.
Tough work…

Why are you so desperate to remove it?

If you attach the model someone may look at it and work it out for you.

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I’m desperate to remove it because I really want to keep materials to a low minimum.

The problem lies within the trees, so good luck anyone who will help.

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Nothing to look at.

(Street Park Plaza | 3D Warehouse)
not my fault-
but, good luck

Street+Park+Plaza.skp (668.9 KB)

Where did you get the tree from?
I believe it is or was a dynamic component or one made using an extension that could change the tree materials.

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I’ve removed the materials from this.
Street+Park+Plaza.Boxskp.skp (596.1 KB)
Didn’t notice Dave has probably already done it.

Aww, thanks guys, I really appreciate the help. I’ll look at your models later since I’ve no time now.
I got the tree from the Warehouse and I modified it and exploded the leaves component and mashed the trunk and leaves all into one component.
Much thanks for the help!

Thanks @DaveR and @Box for helping.

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