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I am trying to remove a materials, “0081_CadetBlue” and “Wood_Cherry_Original” that’s not used, however clicking on “Purge unused materials” seems to have no affect. so it must be in use somewhere which I can’t seem to find.

Is there a way of replacing all instances of the materials with other material?


Stackable Chair.skp (1.7 MB)

0081_CadetBlue is used on some back faces. Wood_Cherry_Original is used on the front faces in the version of the chair you linked too.

You’ve also applied Wood_Cherry_Original to the component containers which you shouldn’t normally do.

You would need to go through the model and repaint everything with the default material before you can purge those materials from the file. I did that for you using an extension because it’s much faster.
Stackable+Chair no mats.skp (244.2 KB)

Might want to fix this excess geometry on the front leg.
Screenshot - 11_9_2021 , 6_16_48 AM

Also depending on how you plan to use the model you might want to look closely at the way the parts join. Some don’t fit that well.

I have to mention that I am a complete newbie, just started using Sketcup. I don’t know how to remove the component materials.

For some reason my uploads to 3DWarehouse don’t seem to be overwriting the earlier uploads. I’ve uploaded the version I’m using to this post.

OK. Those materials were still being used in your model. I removed all of the materials from that one. Lots of reversed faces in this version. There should be no blue back faces.

Still an issue with joint fit.

Stackable Chair no mats.skp (239.9 KB)

If you are planning to use this model as a plan to use in your shop so you can build it, it would be wise to increase Precision in Model Info. Also turn off Length Snapping as that tends to get in the way of precise modeling.

You can see the result of increasing Display Precision in your model.

Those errors in your model might not be a problem but then again, they might. With the coarse precision you have set in the model, you don’t have an opportunity to find out before wood is cut.


I am doing woodworking as hobby during the pandemic to keep myself busy, still learning.

Thanks for all the pointers. I’ve updated my model to the best of my abilities

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Dimensions look better. I’m trying not to nitpick but I see a couple of other things you might want to address. The front seat rail has the mortises outlined but not “cut”. May or may not be valuable to cut them. Also reversed faces in one of the mortises on the rear seat rail. Small details but those are the sorts of things that you want to get a handle on early in your learning so you develop good habits. Same sort of thing as when you are working in the shop.

Is there narrower gap between the two middle seat slats intentional?

Check your private messages. I sent you a reworked version of your model.

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