Material created and applied to component, but not visible in Home Materials palette, so cannot access

Hi. I created a material for the chair named “Chair” which was created from a material “In Model” labeled 78016306.jpg. When I right click on a section of the chair I can see the material, and if I choose EDIT I can see it among a few other textures that are labeled “Paint”. However, there is no category in the materials list by that name, so I cannot find it and apply it anywhere else. How do I get it into the Model? Thanks.

I would like to upload the file, so I deleted everything in the file but the chair, but the file size remains 163MB for some reason, exceeding the 19MB limit.

Upload the file to DropBox and share the link.

Good idea! Here goes: Dropbox - Sketchup Forum file.skp - Simplify your life

The material shows up for me.

I know you deleted a bunch of stuff from the model to get the size down for uploading here but I find a few issues with your model. First, a bunch of incorrect tag usage. I expect you’ll find that in the entire project file, too.
Screenshot - 10_7_2022 , 10_30_48 AM

And second, deleting components from the model space doesn’t remove them from the file. Deleting the furniture from the the model space is like taking it from the living room and stuffing it up in the attic. It doesn’t get it off your property and eventually you end up with so much furniture up there the ceiling collapses on you. Purging unused stuff from your model once in awhile is a good thing. This purge reduced this file size by 99.5%.
Screenshot - 10_7_2022 , 10_35_07 AM
[Sketchup Forum file purged.skp|attachment]
Sketchup Forum file purged.skp (863.0 KB)

You’ve applied the texture to the chair’s component container, not to the faces. There’s several other materials applied to the groups inside the component and there are exposed back faces. I fixed up the chair to correctly orient the faces and get your “Chair” material on the faces where they belong.

Look to see if the chair file I uploaded plays nicer with Twilight. Whether or not you need to make a new chair you might still want to save out the fabric texture for later.

TBH, while your chair looks nice it has a lot of unneeded detail that doesn’t add to the story. You could lighten it quite substantially and get that file size down even more.

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A related problem, which is what led to my question, is that although the chair appears to be completely covered with the desired texture, when I go to render with Twilight, certain sections of the chair appear with the previous texture. I was just going to remedy the problem by starting over with a clean chair model – hence the need for access to the material.

I edited my previous post.

Had to laugh at your “stuffing furniture in the attic analogy”! I’ll read up on tag usage getting organized with materials (amazing how far one can get without understanding so much!). I expanded the size of my viewer and found the chair material – at the very bottom with a bunch of others! Can you tell me where all these little bits of “whatever” come from so I can feel ok deleting them? Actually, I can see that they are probably related to the rug, but it is an image, so how did it get broken into components?

BTW, I cant take credit for the chair design – I just downloaded it :-). Thanks for cleaning it up.

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I’m glad you laughed and didn’t cry. :wink: I seem to see a lot of huge files from other users. They’ve gotten them so overloaded that their computer basically rolls over on its back and cries “uncle!”

As for tag usuage. ALL edges and faces should be untagged (or have Layer 0 applied to them in older versions of SketchUp) Only groups and components get tags (or layers). You have to watch that with components that you get from the 3D Warehouse.

Evidently there’s a rug that you downloaded that came with those materials. If that rug isn’t being used in your model you should be able to purge the component and then the materials. Easy way is via Window>Model Info>Statistics>Purge Unused.

When you are getting components from elsewhere (3D Warehouse or whatever) bring them into a separate file so you can examine them and make sure they are suitable before you bring them into your project. If they need cleaning up or different materials, make those edits and then bring the thing into your project. If it turns out you don’t like the way the chair sits or the bed sleeps, don’t bring it home from the furniture store.

Thanks for the help, Dave!

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