HELP! how do I save my model into layout? I have the student SketchUp I've been doing a lot of research and can't find out how to do it

How can I delete furniture that is saved from my warehouse that I am no longer using?

In any model that has unused furniture components, use either the component browser “Purge unused” or more generally Window/Model Info/Statistics/Purge unused to get rid of unused materials and other stuff as well as unused components.

If you have separately saved .skp files of furniture you no longer want, just delete them.

John is correct that after deleting the furniture component from the model space you’ll need to purge the unused component from the file. Your profile says you are using SketchUpfor Schools. If that is correct there is no “Window/Model Info/Statistics/Purge unused”. Instead go into the In Model components (click on the house icon at the top of the panel) and then click the Purge button at the bottom.

After you’ve purged the unused components, purge unused materials the same way.

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Thanks for the correction and clarification @DaveR. I should have looked at the poster’s profile.

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I really appreciate all of the help, especially adding the pictures that helped a lot. But I am doing what you have suggested, and the furniture isn’t disappearing?

I have pressed the furniture item and the purge button a few times as well as refresh the page/ SketchUp and the items are still there.

I guess I can’t delete furniture in the school for sketchup… I have found it really hard at the start to download furniture but after a whole heap of research I have finally found out how to do it, but it is making it really hard for me as SketchUp is starting to slow down with all the downloads that I am making. I’m not even halfway finished either.

thankyou for the help!

@jennasutto :

As @DaveR told you you have to delete the furniture from the model space before you can purge it difinitively from the model.
Purging should work the same in Sketchup for Schools as in any other Sketchup version!
If purging doesn’t work there MUST be an instance in the model space though it could be hidden.
Use “unhide all” to make all hidden objects visible.

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@tweenulzeven is correct. You must first delete the furniture component from your model space. If Purging doesn’t remove it from the In Model components, you still have a copy of it somewhere in the model space. You’ll have to hunt around for it.

There’s a lot of really gorgeous but excessively detailed furniture pieces in the 3D Warehouse. By themselves they are pretty nice but when you start adding a bunch of them to a model they can cause your computer to struggle. In the case of the web-based versions like SketchUp for Schools you also have to factor in the connection speed to the internet because of save operations. You would do better to use very simple low-poly components in your models.

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we can also precise that it is possible to right click on a specific component and pick select > all instances. It will select them all, even the hidden ones, unless they are placed in a group.

Another option, instead of “hunting” a component is to place it again in model space from component list, edit it and erase everything then exit the edition mode. it will automatically disappear from component list

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