Materials on Mac questions


I have a few questions about materials on Mac.

1- Can you delete all textures from model, group or component at once?

2- Can you list textures by name?

3- Is it possible to list all textures of a model downloaded from 3D warehouse? I would like to be able for example select a downloaded model or even any entity, group or component right click/ show all materials used, without going to 3D warehouse (for the ones downloaded). Right now I am having to go to 3D warehouse, write down all the names of the materials and then clicking on each icon’s texture on the Colors by model window to find out it’s name which seems absurd, I suppose there must be a way to make this easier.

I am finding it very difficult to organize the materials by not being able to easily identify what entities/groups/components contain which materials and not being able to isolate them easily.

I have gone through several tutorials and looked at some extensions but they are mainly geared towards editing materials, I have not been able to find anything to organize the Colors in Model window which IMHO seem very primitive, unless I am missing something.

It would make sense for the entity window to show all textures used and that it would somehow reveal all of them at once in the Colors in Model window.

Any guidance, tutorials, extensions recommended is highly appreciated!


  1. yes, no. you can delete all textures from a model using the material panel. at the bottom you have two menus, one of them allows you to delete all. but you can’t delete materials of a group or component only. Nor can you on PC.

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  1. nope. The material panel uses Apple old cocoa UI and because of that sketchup doesn’t have a lot of flexibility. Sooner or later the mac UI will likely rejoin the PC UI and then we’ll have a better material panel.

  2. no. but what you can do is NOT importing directly the model in you project. when the warehouse asks you “do you want to import it directly?” say no and it will download it as a separate model. that model can be opened on its own, and after you’re done cleaning it up, you can import it in your main project.
    it is actually a VERY good idea, it allows you to get rid of unwanted materials and also clean up the geometry and get rid of extra stuff.

Thanks a lot ateliernab for all the very useful info. I do have the habit of downloading models in a new project, but underestimated the amount of materials each one was bringing when I finally brought them into my working project.